Ant Farm’s original Media Van travelled a social network across the US in 1970. This project revisits that work with a “post-internal combustion vehicle” that is interactive, inviting users to plug-in and donate a file to a digital time capsule or to view works from the video archive of the 1970 project. Commissioned by Rudolf Frieling for the SFMOMA exhibition, “The Art of Participation”, 2008, the work was also installed at the Estuairie Biennial, Nantes, France; the De Cordova Museum and Sculpture Park Lincoln, MA; and the ASU Museum , Tempe, AZ creating a digital time capsule at each location. Final exhibition was at Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, October, 2016, and now the Van is in storage in California.**

Pioneer Works, has produced a book/catalog of the exhibition, The Present is the Form of All Life: The Timecapsules of Ant Farm and LST. Available Now from Pioneer Works Books - $45---------------------------- **

Ant Farm Media Van v.08

Interactive multi-media installation

L+S+T - Chip Lord + Curtis Schreier + Bruce Tomb

Installed at SFMOMA for "the Art of Participation: 1950 - Now", 2008.  In the last week of the show the van was closed and the digital time capsule was put in playback mode.