This commission from Los Angeles World Airport was for a public video art work on a predetermined display system in the Arrivals area of the Bradley International Terminal. The 25 screens of To & From LAX identify other airport places that are connected via arrivals and departures to LAX. The work portrays an experience of simultaniety, or a meta-city, the World Airport City, that is disbursed around the globe. The video playing here is To & From 2.0 installed in Buenos Aires, 2016.

To & From LAX was destroyed by LAX in 2015 to install advertising displays.

To & From LAX

25 channel public video installation at LAX airport, 2010 - 2015.

TO & FROM 2.0

Revised and installed at BIM 2016, Buenos Aires, in "The Permanent Imminence of the Fatal" - MUNTREF- Centro de Arte Contemporaneo. Until 20 December, 2016

In this version there are 8 destination screens and one central screen playing IN TRANSIT.