Lord has worked with video since the 1970's when he produced the video art classics Media Burn and The Eternal Frame with Ant Farm. His single channel works are in the collections of MOMA, The Tate Modern, SFMOMA, The Berkeley Art Museum, the Pompidou Centre and other museums. He showed three video installations at the Biennial de la Image Movimento in Buenos Aires in 2016, and the 9 channel piece, Peak Air Travel: To & From 2.0 at the Museum of Capitalism exhibition, Oakland, 2017. Visit Chip Lord on vimeo to see more single channel works.

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Short version of Greetings from Amarillo, 2016 by Chip Lord. With music (the songs) by Hayden Pedigo. Dark Heaven ... Cloud Pharaoh ... Dream Plains ... Welcome ... Good Night. Al rights reserved, Chip Lord